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Washington school district raising taxes.

“The school board voted unanimously Monday to request the 5-mill tax increase from the state for its preliminary $25.49 million operating budget for the 2014-15 school year. The owner of a home assessed at $50,000 would pay an additional $62.50 with the tax hike.
Washington Director of District Operations Rick Mancini said the budget and proposed tax increase are only in the preliminary stages and officials hope to have no rate hike by the time they pass the final budget in June.
The current budget represents a 2.5 percent increase over last year, Mancini said. About 75 percent of that increase, which equals about $480,000, is because of the skyrocketing contributions districts are required to make to the public pension plan.”

Washington approves tax increase in preliminary budget.

Why do these teachers even get a pension? The kids going to the Washington schools are not getting a good education. Most can’t figure out math or read.
I see it all the time at my job. There is a sign telling them how much something is and they can not read it. Or the sign says something is $1.15 and they hand you $1.10.
When we close, we turn out the lights and put a sign on the door say we are closed 1am to 5am. They will pull into the lot, get out of the car, wearing their Wash High or prexies crap, and stand there pulling on the door.

And why do teachers need pensions anyways? Let them do like the rest of America and save towards their retirement. Hell they get a few months off during the year. Find a second job and put that money towards retirement.

I don’t see how the Washington School District needs more money. They no longer plow or salt the parking lots at Washington Junior/Senior High School. The sidewalks around Washington Junior/Senior High School are never cleared of snow or ice.
Maybe if they stopped spending money making the Washington Junior/Senior High School building look like shit they would have money to buy salt and pay a maintenance person to clear the lot and sidewalks.

Did they really need an electronic sign out by the street? It is broken. It can’t even give the right temperature so it seems they turned that part off after I posted on Facebook about it.

And have you seen the pot hole and all the water, in warm weather, and the ice during the cold on the corner of West Hallam Ave and Jefferson Ave?
That is caused by the drainage system for the roof of the Washington Junior/Senior High School building. The city has asked them to fix it and the city will then fix the road.
Washington School Districts answer? No.
So that pot hole will keep getting bigger and bigger until it ruins someones car or someone falls and gets hurt. And I hope they sue the hell out of the Washington School District. Maybe we will get lucky and it will open a big sink hole and take the building with it over night.

Are these teachers really worth that $480,000? Hell no.
These same teachers hit a kid with a ball twice, once was in the face. The teacher claimed it was an accident and the school dropped it. No hearing or anything.
These same teachers stood by as another teacher forced 3 kids to eat a muffin from the trash.

Time to clear out this cesspool and start over. If your kids pass and score high on tests then you get a job next year. The majority fail or you screw up then good-bye. Do not pass go.
I would even go as far as saying test kids the first week of the school year. Then each report card period test them again. No improvement then get rid of that teacher.

But even if you ignore all this… Get rid of the pension plan! tax payers can no longer afford to pay for someone else to retire.