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Be smart, don’t buy the new smart gun.

Be smart and do not buy this thing.

For the “smart” gun to work you have to wear a special watch and enter a pin.

But think about this..

You are in bed, you hear someone in your house right outside your bedroom door. You grab your watch, enter the pin, put the watch on, grab the gun and hope the batteries are still good in the gun and watch, then you protect yourself.

Do these idiots really think the criminal is going to wait while you do all that?

What about this? Your 14-year-old daughter is walking home from school. She comes home to an empty house because you and your husband are working. Some child rapist has followed her. He goes around the back and breaks in. She runs to your room because she knows you have the gun there. But you forgot and wore the watch to work!
She can’t threaten to shoot him because he knows the red light means it will not fire!

You come home and find her raped, dead, and the “smart” gun shoved down her throat.

And you the owner of this gun can still be killed by it. The bad guy just needs to get control of your arm and hand that the “smart” gun is in. He then turns the gun towards you and pulls the trigger. It will still be near the watch so the gun will work.

First smart pistol hits shelves in California.