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Marriage is between a man and woman.

Marriage has always been between a man and a woman.

Every religion believes this. Even animals go with the other sex.

Just because you have a mental defect and the same-sex turns you on that doesn’t mean the world has to approve. We need to bring back mental hospitals and put these people in them until they are sane. And to the judges that are saying bans on same-sex marriage are unconstitutional, a big FUCK YOU.

Come on people protect the basic human beliefs. Start picketing judges and politicians that support this crap. If you get called to jury duty and it is in front of a judge that supports same-sex marriage then refuse to go. Or go and answer the questions that they ask in a way they will toss you off.

And when a politition is running for office that supports same-sex marriage then do anything you can to help get the other person elected. As for the lawyers, get together and hire PI’s to follow them. Heck do this for the judges too.
Get the goods on them and get them disbarred.

And any Attorney General’s Office that doesn’t do their job and fight to stop same-sex marriage needs cleaned up. Find someone to run that will fight tooth and nail and will upon winning office bring charges against the people who failed to do their jobs.

This is how the elite are going to control the population growth. They are going to indoctrinate our kids into believing they should only be with others of the same-sex. That being with the same-sex is how it should be and being with the opposite sex is wrong.

Two men or women living together should not be allowed to have kids in the living quarters.
Take the kids and give them to a loving male/female couple. Place the “gay” people in separate mental hospitals and find out what is wrong with them. Do not allow them out until they are cured.

This is one of the reasons Russia is taking over as the #1 country in the World.