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How I would turn this country around..

Here is how I would bring this country back around to being number 1 again.

I would pull all of our military from overseas.
I would stop all foreign aid.

Kids and young adults would have a choice at 18 and out of k-12 schooling.
Either signup for the military for four years or go to college. The government would pay for a state college. If you wanted a different one then you pay the difference. No common core. And if the college is caught teaching too far left or right then NO government funds and young adults would have to pay their own way to that college. And that is as far as government would get in to the schooling deal.

All the extra military would be placed on the borders. To come in to the USA you would need photo ID. Yes even Americans.
If you get caught entering illegally, smuggling, or anything else illegal, you would be placed in prison for 10 years minimum.
No TV, radio, news papers, books, weight rooms, or outside time. You would be locked in your cell or working. Yes bring back the chain gangs. We need them.
When their time is up deport them. Even if it is to a ratty old ship floating in the ocean.

Any company hiring illegals, drug users, or alcoholics would be shutdown and the owner(s) or board of directors would be jailed.
Drug smugglers, dealers, rapists, murderers, pedophiles, and the like would be executed.
Illegal drug users would be locked up and forced into rehab. Use drugs again when you get out? See what happens to the dealers.

I would dump the IRS as it is. There would be a Value Added Tax on everything. This would make it fair for everyone. As everyone would pay the same amount of tax.

No more hand outs to the people that can work. If you can’t find a job then put in 40 hours a week at a charity to get unemployment until you find work.
Everyone on social security, welfare, and unemployment would be drug tested every 3 months. You fail, then no money.
Businesses would get deals on the VAT if they drug test their employees every 3 months and fire any who test positive.

We can also put people to work by building more prisons, schools, and fixing public streets and sidewalks.

And I would give a VAT break to anyone that has a CCW and carries a firearm.

So that’s at least 6 ways to put people to work…

Military jobs.
Teaching jobs.
Prison and Jail guards.
Construction jobs.
People that test for drugs.
More Police.

Sounds good to me!