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Some people….

We have been having blunts stolen at my work. We turned them around so people could not grab their own. We put up a sign asking people to ask for them. People are still reaching over and grabbing them.

On Sunday I asked a woman if she could read? As she had just reached over and grabbed a 2 pack of blunts. She handed them back to me and left. A few moments later husband, current boyfriend, fellow male drug user, came in. He threw 4 or 5 dimes and a bobby pin at me and told me to watch my mouth. I told him to leave NOW! He invited me outside. I told him if I went outside his brains would be all over the parking lot.

I would beat the living shit out of him and not stop until a police officer shot me or tasered me. He said he wasn’t afraid of my gun. Which no one mentioned a gun until he did. If I did feel like using a gun I would have been 100% in the right. I was at work, where I belonged and he came in and attacked me. The Pennsylvania Castle Doctrine aka Stand Your Ground Law I believe would be on my side. They were both running their mouths when I looked outside. They hurried up and left when I mentioned I was calling the police and they would find the DRUGS in their vehicle.

Then I had a lady notice we had Grizzly Wintergreen Wide Cut Snuff on sale. She said she wanted to quit smoking. I tried to talk her out of it. I told her she would puke. But she bought it anyways. The worse part? She couldn’t believe snuff didn’t come in a light or ultra light like cigarettes.

BTW, I didn’t bother to tell her to make sure she spit. Let her learn on her own.

Then today…
I am standing in the door smoking a cigarette. It is snowing and cold, the roads are bad. As a customer pulls in I started saying look at this idiot. But I never got the word idiot out of my mouth. A work truck from [b]Overhead Door Company of Greater Pittsburgh[/b] was driving down Jefferson Ave with no headlights on. A lady in a newer car pulled out of Factory Way right in front of him. He hit her and she came into our parking lot, around our big sign, and back out on to Factory Way.

He pulled up to our next entrance and pulled in to our lot. He got out and we thought he was calling 911 but not sure who he called. The customer and myself waited for the police to give our info to hem as witnesses. After waiting for like 10 minutes the customer walked over and was told his info wasn’t needed because they were in agreement and she was signing a form. I think this guy took advantage of the lady. But it was too late as she had already signed the form.

Seems kind of fishy that drivers for [b]Overhead Door Company of Greater Pittsburgh[/b] have a form for when in an accident right on them. And why was he driving with no headlights while it was still dark out, snowing, and the roads were bad?