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Sheriff Joe Arpaio

We need more Sheriffs like Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

If you are in one of his jails and misbehave you get punished. Unlike most other jails in this country.
Maybe if other jails were like this there would be fewer people in them?

And the U.S. Justice Department needs to stay out of STATES business. He is following Arizona immigration law. You can cry all you want that he is abusing civil rights but the law was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court and allows police in the state to ask people they stop about their immigration status. The U.S. Government doesn’t seem willing to stop illegals, so Joe is. We know the liberals just want more illegals so they can help vote in yet another socialist president. Voting by illegals is also illegal but the Democrats don’t care.
Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio puts inmates on bread and water for destroying US flag.

Oh boo hoo the ACLU doesn’t like it? Who cares!? All the ACLU is around for is to make its board richer by attacking he Catholic religion. I have yet to see anything good come out of the ACLU.

Keep up the good job Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

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