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Hollywood corrupting America

When is Hollywood going to stop being so liberal? Being gay or lesbian is a choice and is not natural.
Instead of supporting it and forcing it on our kids they need to get these people the mental help they need.

You have the Grammy Awards doing a mass wedding of gay and straight people.

Then there is CNN’s Sally Kohn asking Disney when it was going to do a movie where a princess marries a princess. MSNBC’s Touré seems to agree.

I am so glad I no longer watch movies or much TV. These are the people helping the liberals in Washington, DC destroy our once great Nation.
These “celebrities”, “directors”, and “writers” have not come up with something new in over 20 years. All they do is remake movies and most of the time keep the same names and stupid people keep tossing their money at them.

One has to hope that Disney(A&E) has learned from its mistakes during the Duck Dynasty backlash it caused.

To all the “celebrities”, “directors”, and “writers” who did not get up and walk out during the Grammy Awards blasphemy, SHAME ON YOU!
May you all burn in hell for your sins.

Kid told he can’t bring Bible to school

So an 8-year-old autistic boy brings his Bible to school to read during his free time.
The school decides one day that he can’t bring it to school anymore. Why? If he is reading it to himself during his free time then what is the problem?
If it was Harry Potter, the koran, or some other book, I bet they wouldn’t have a problem with it.
So why ban the bible from the school? I could see if he was reading it out loud. Then you ask him not to. If he keeps reading it out loud then go from there.
Are people really so afraid of a book?

Precious 8-Year-Old Autistic Boy Brings His Bible to School Every Day – That Is, Until the School Told Him the Book Is ‘Only for Church’