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Be smart, don’t buy the new smart gun.

Be smart and do not buy this thing.

For the “smart” gun to work you have to wear a special watch and enter a pin.

But think about this..

You are in bed, you hear someone in your house right outside your bedroom door. You grab your watch, enter the pin, put the watch on, grab the gun and hope the batteries are still good in the gun and watch, then you protect yourself.

Do these idiots really think the criminal is going to wait while you do all that?

What about this? Your 14-year-old daughter is walking home from school. She comes home to an empty house because you and your husband are working. Some child rapist has followed her. He goes around the back and breaks in. She runs to your room because she knows you have the gun there. But you forgot and wore the watch to work!
She can’t threaten to shoot him because he knows the red light means it will not fire!

You come home and find her raped, dead, and the “smart” gun shoved down her throat.

And you the owner of this gun can still be killed by it. The bad guy just needs to get control of your arm and hand that the “smart” gun is in. He then turns the gun towards you and pulls the trigger. It will still be near the watch so the gun will work.

First smart pistol hits shelves in California.

Washington school district raising taxes.

“The school board voted unanimously Monday to request the 5-mill tax increase from the state for its preliminary $25.49 million operating budget for the 2014-15 school year. The owner of a home assessed at $50,000 would pay an additional $62.50 with the tax hike.
Washington Director of District Operations Rick Mancini said the budget and proposed tax increase are only in the preliminary stages and officials hope to have no rate hike by the time they pass the final budget in June.
The current budget represents a 2.5 percent increase over last year, Mancini said. About 75 percent of that increase, which equals about $480,000, is because of the skyrocketing contributions districts are required to make to the public pension plan.”

Washington approves tax increase in preliminary budget.

Why do these teachers even get a pension? The kids going to the Washington schools are not getting a good education. Most can’t figure out math or read.
I see it all the time at my job. There is a sign telling them how much something is and they can not read it. Or the sign says something is $1.15 and they hand you $1.10.
When we close, we turn out the lights and put a sign on the door say we are closed 1am to 5am. They will pull into the lot, get out of the car, wearing their Wash High or prexies crap, and stand there pulling on the door.

And why do teachers need pensions anyways? Let them do like the rest of America and save towards their retirement. Hell they get a few months off during the year. Find a second job and put that money towards retirement.

I don’t see how the Washington School District needs more money. They no longer plow or salt the parking lots at Washington Junior/Senior High School. The sidewalks around Washington Junior/Senior High School are never cleared of snow or ice.
Maybe if they stopped spending money making the Washington Junior/Senior High School building look like shit they would have money to buy salt and pay a maintenance person to clear the lot and sidewalks.

Did they really need an electronic sign out by the street? It is broken. It can’t even give the right temperature so it seems they turned that part off after I posted on Facebook about it.

And have you seen the pot hole and all the water, in warm weather, and the ice during the cold on the corner of West Hallam Ave and Jefferson Ave?
That is caused by the drainage system for the roof of the Washington Junior/Senior High School building. The city has asked them to fix it and the city will then fix the road.
Washington School Districts answer? No.
So that pot hole will keep getting bigger and bigger until it ruins someones car or someone falls and gets hurt. And I hope they sue the hell out of the Washington School District. Maybe we will get lucky and it will open a big sink hole and take the building with it over night.

Are these teachers really worth that $480,000? Hell no.
These same teachers hit a kid with a ball twice, once was in the face. The teacher claimed it was an accident and the school dropped it. No hearing or anything.
These same teachers stood by as another teacher forced 3 kids to eat a muffin from the trash.

Time to clear out this cesspool and start over. If your kids pass and score high on tests then you get a job next year. The majority fail or you screw up then good-bye. Do not pass go.
I would even go as far as saying test kids the first week of the school year. Then each report card period test them again. No improvement then get rid of that teacher.

But even if you ignore all this… Get rid of the pension plan! tax payers can no longer afford to pay for someone else to retire.

Philip Seymour Hoffman dead vs Twitter selling users info.

So some “famous” guy chooses to do drugs and over doses and dies. It makes the major news. Everyone is talking about how sad it is and other crap.
This guy chose to do drugs. Why feel sorry for him? He had a choice to not do illegal drugs and he choose wrong. Good bye. Do not pass go.
There are hundreds if not thousands of people who die from drugs each day. Where are their headlines? Are they any less important than this drug abuser?

But Twitter gives ‘full access’ of its user data to the music industry and not a word is said in the News. Why? I guess the music industry having your personal info is no big deal.
Do we get anything for our info or does it all go to Twitter and its investors?

Twitter partners with 300 Entertainment to give ‘full access’ of its user data to the music industry.

I will block and report any spam I get on Twitter from anyone in the music industry. And if they spam my email address I will report that to the major block lists.

Better not Tweet that you are listening to music you got off the web for free. You will end up in court!

The NFL Super Bowl ads.

These two sexually suggestive ads were approved and played during the Super Bowl.
Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt – The Spill
Butterfinger Cups Big Game Commercial 2014

But this ad was banned by the NFL:
Banned Daniel Defense Super Bowl Commercial

An ad for protecting your family with a gun is not allowed but an ad suggesting a threesome and a blowjob are allowed?
WTF is the world coming to?

Hey NFL you got it all backwards. The ad for protecting yourself and your family should be approved and the other two banned.

Also the half time show should not be Beyoncé grinding the stage, Madonna, or Janet Jackson showing a nipple.
It should be PG. The real PG not this crap you have shown year after year.

Bring back the firing squad.

Instead of looking for new chemicals to put a murderer to death and costing tax payers tons of money just bring back the firing squad.
Having 5 guards, 4 bullets, and one blank has to be way cheaper. The guards are already getting paid so that’s even less it will cost.

No one can say the murderer suffered. No failed executions.

Yes murderers and serial rapists need put to death. The tax payers can’t afford to keep paying to keep them living in comfort. They killed one or more people and/or raped many people. They can not be saved. No they can’t.

You need to let criminals know they will be executed if they do the crime.

Also speed up the appeal process. In California it now takes 20 years for someone to be executed.
That is way too long. The max should be 1 year.

And this is a great article on why executions cost so much and why appeals take so long.
The Next Time Someone Says the Death Penalty Costs More Than Life in Prison, Show Them This Article.

Anti-death penalty nuts in action…
Lawyer urged inmate to fake suffocation during execution, Ohio prison guards say.

Oh look someone agrees with me…
Want the death penalty to be compassionate? Bring back the firing squad.
States consider reviving old-fashioned executions.

My thoughts on Washington, Pennsylvania, USA.

This city has to be 99% drug users, drunks, lazy, and just plain stupid morons.

Where I work we have 4 trash cans outside. It has been windy so we moved the two from out in the lot over next to the one that is right outside the door. People cleaned out their cars and filled up two of them. Whats the next idiot do? He or she doesn’t place their trash in the empty can. Oh no that would take too much energy! They put it on top of one of the full cans.

And talking about filling up the trash cans. They are not there for you to clean out your car or to bring your trash bags from home because you don’t want to pay the trash company to pick up your trash. They are there for you to throw away an empty soda or water bottle, cigarette pack, snuff can, etc. Not your 20 bags of trash from McDonald’s. Not your beer bottles and cans, which is illegal anyways as you should not be drinking and driving or have an open container in the car. And no car parts.

Also our dumpster is not the place for your trash from home or wherever either. It gets picked up once every 2 weeks and guess what? We fill it up on our own. No help needed from you. Ok?

We will pull your bags or trash out and call the police and have them help us look through it all for a name and/or address. Not only will you have to come pick it all back up you will also be fined. So just pay the trash company. It will be cheaper for you.

Please know what you are going into a store for. We sell bags of tobacco, cigarette tubes, snuff, chew, cigars, and cigarettes mostly.
You telling me you want the red bag of tobacco or the red pack of cigarettes is going to make me look at you like your are stupid. If I ask for the name or who makes it and you say you don’t know or just repeat red, well I will know you are stupid.

If you are going to work should you be buying blunts or blunt wraps to use at work? I doubt your boss or the owner would be happy you are getting high on the job. Yes construction workers, healthcare workers, delivery drivers for the fast food places, etc.. I am talking about you.

If you just bought your bag of marijuana leave it in the car. The smell of it makes me sick. Do not pull it out of your pocket when looking for your money or change. We have police officers that come in to buy stuff. If they do not smell it or see it I will point it out to them.

If you are drunk please stay away! I can not stand drunks or the smell of them. No I don’t find you funny. No I don’t want to talk to you. No don’t hang around. And if you are going to puke do it in your car, not in the lot so I have to dump water on it. And if you get in the driver’s seat? I will try to get the plate and call 911 on you. Yes I have done that before.

Don’t meet your drug dealer in our lot when we are open or even if we are closed. There is someone inside at all times and we have cameras outside. We will call 911.

They just had a Washington’s Got Talent thing here, I joke that they must have had prostitutes showing how to get a guy off the quickest, drunks showing how to get drunk fast, marijuana and crack users showing the best way to smoke, heroin users the best way to shoot up, and cocaine users the best way to snort it up. Because I have yet to see anyone in Washington that has any other talent.

In the last 10 years or so the churches around here are getting smaller. Many have closed. But the drug users, drunks, and prostitutes seem to become more and more of the county’s population. Add in the “oil field” workers from out-of-state and this county has almost died.

The church going, drug free, and alcohol free good people need to stand up and take this county back. Call your officials and demand action and harsher punishment. Please do not sit back and let this county die a slow death.

Hollywood corrupting America – Part 2

The list of gay, pro-liberal, anti-American, anti-common sense, and pro-communist movies and celebrities is long. Anyone that stars in or helps produce these pieces of filth need to be locked up as being a part of destroying this country.

When a male or female kisses the same-sex like Miley Cyrus kissing another female. Lock them up for 5 years for each time.
They act slutty on TV at an awards show? Toss them in jail for a few years.

A TV show or movie should show a family with a MAN and WOMAN married and their kids. Anything else should be banned.
No movie theater, Netflix, Google Play, Apple iTunes, YouTube, or any other place should be allowed to show it. If one of these places shows any of the above filth then it should be shut down, the company fined, and its owners jailed.