Philip Seymour Hoffman dead vs Twitter selling users info.

So some “famous” guy chooses to do drugs and over doses and dies. It makes the major news. Everyone is talking about how sad it is and other crap.
This guy chose to do drugs. Why feel sorry for him? He had a choice to not do illegal drugs and he choose wrong. Good bye. Do not pass go.
There are hundreds if not thousands of people who die from drugs each day. Where are their headlines? Are they any less important than this drug abuser?

But Twitter gives ‘full access’ of its user data to the music industry and not a word is said in the News. Why? I guess the music industry having your personal info is no big deal.
Do we get anything for our info or does it all go to Twitter and its investors?

Twitter partners with 300 Entertainment to give ‘full access’ of its user data to the music industry.

I will block and report any spam I get on Twitter from anyone in the music industry. And if they spam my email address I will report that to the major block lists.

Better not Tweet that you are listening to music you got off the web for free. You will end up in court!