Bring back the firing squad.

Instead of looking for new chemicals to put a murderer to death and costing tax payers tons of money just bring back the firing squad.
Having 5 guards, 4 bullets, and one blank has to be way cheaper. The guards are already getting paid so that’s even less it will cost.

No one can say the murderer suffered. No failed executions.

Yes murderers and serial rapists need put to death. The tax payers can’t afford to keep paying to keep them living in comfort. They killed one or more people and/or raped many people. They can not be saved. No they can’t.

You need to let criminals know they will be executed if they do the crime.

Also speed up the appeal process. In California it now takes 20 years for someone to be executed.
That is way too long. The max should be 1 year.

And this is a great article on why executions cost so much and why appeals take so long.
The Next Time Someone Says the Death Penalty Costs More Than Life in Prison, Show Them This Article.

Anti-death penalty nuts in action…
Lawyer urged inmate to fake suffocation during execution, Ohio prison guards say.

Oh look someone agrees with me…
Want the death penalty to be compassionate? Bring back the firing squad.
States consider reviving old-fashioned executions.